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How to Dress for Success + Confidence as a New Mom

Heads up, mamas! This week’s blog post is a little different…you ready for it?! I’m spilling 5 SECRETS to feeling AMAZING in your postpartum bod! In REAL LIFE! Well…by real life, I mean by video. J I was super lucky for Ailana J. to be a vendor partner for a virtual baby shower event last month for military mamas. This was a paid ticketed event that came with a TON of amazing resources – and I shared these 5 SECRETS with them for the event!   Now, since we’re all mama besties here, I want to share the video with you too! Our bodies deserve ALL the kudos in the world for birthing and breastfeeding our tiny humans. But I...

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Mama’s First Day of Work.

In honor of Labor Day Weekend, let's chat about my first day back to work after maternity leave. A new mom’s first day back to work from maternity leave isn’t typically something that is celebrated. We don’t take pictures in our “first day of work” outfit with a sign notating the date or what not, like parents do on their kids’ first day of school. But it’s a BIG. DEAL. We SHOULD be proud of the outfit we managed to put together for our first day. We should be proud that we made it out of the house in something presentable at all! My first day back to work was a whirlwind of emotions. First off, my baby decided to...

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