Get to know us!

What we’re about. 

Ailana J. specializes in on-trend, functional attire for the nursing + pumping mama. This intuitive collection is designed to make mamas’ lives easier when they are at work, at social events, or running around in their everyday lives, but the key to each piece is its subtlety. No one will never know she is wearing an Ailana J. nursing + pumping top -she could even wear it before and after her time nursing, and she will WANT to. Ailana J. proudly uses environmentally and socially responsible textiles, with every piece being made in the US. Plus, we are committed to offering each collection at an accessible price point because being a mom is expensive, but her wardrobe shouldn’t be. 

How we began.

A letter from our founder:

While I was on maternity leave with my first baby, I searched high and low for nursing bras and clothing. With 9 years under my belt working in the fashion industry, I’m pretty savvy when it comes to shopping, but I could NOT find anything that I really loved. I asked for recommendations from my mom friends, most of whom share my shopping forte, and they struggled in this area just as I was. While I was at home, I wore my usual tops and just pulled them up when I nursed my son. I would hold the excess fabric under my chin or try to stuff it under my arm so it would not cover his little face. Sometimes I ended up just taking my shirt off completely out of frustration. 

My husband and I attended 3 weddings during my maternity leave –trying to find dresses for these occasions with my new mom bod was challenging in itself, but trying to find something that would make it “easy” for me to pump while we were away from the baby was nearly impossible. I ended up pumping in cars and bathroom stalls at these weddings with my formal gowns practically down to my ankles. When I went back to work, trying to find the time to pump during my day was hard enough, but having to essentially get undressed in order to pump added time to my pumping session that I just didn’t have. I went on another hunt for nursing/pumping all-in-one bras and nursing clothing only to come up short once again. I decided that the busy, fashion conscious mom needs a nursing/pumping line that doesn’t suck –and Ailana J. was born. 

I look forward to accompanying you on your new, easier breastfeeding journey and helping you live your best life!



             Jeannine Brady, Founder + Designer