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Maternity Leave: Everything You Need to Know

I don’t know how this happened, but I’m already on the tail end of my maternity leave! As I’ve been on this journey with baby #2, I’ve gotten a TON of questions about maternity and family leave. It’s the most confusing topic ever - I swear they make it hard on purpose so mamas don’t take everything they’re entitled to, which just makes my blood boil! I’ve had to do a LOT of research to make sure I am able to speak to my rights with my employer. I really had to advocate for myself this time around and it’s definitely not easy to navigate when you’re recovering from birth and caring for a new baby - it’s an unfair...

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3 Tips to Get Your Mind Right as a Mama

You’re 15 pounds heavier than you used to be. Your boobs no longer belong to you. Your hips are wider. Your hair is shedding by the pound. And you’ve turned into a MEAN GIRL. Yup, you are the ultimate Regina George. You are SO freakin’ mean. To yourself. You are MEAN to yourself. You’re telling yourself that you’re fat, ugly, gross. I’m guilty of it every other day! But those toxic thoughts need to GO. We have some major thought work to do! In order to be the BEST mama for your little, you need to be the BEST version of YOU! And YOU are amazing. So here are 3 ways to change up that negative mindset and get your...

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Q+A with Breastfeeding Mama, Wendi Iacobello | Founder of Strength 4 Spouses

January has already thrown quite a few challenges our way, hasn’t it? How can we reflect and learn from 2020 to make us stronger and more resilient to anything that might get thrown our way this year? Well, we have a SUPER special breastfeeding mama with us today on the blog who is going to tell us exactly how. Wendi Iacobello is an Army wife + mama, and the founder of Strength 4 Spouses – a blog and community that fosters strength for those living military life (like me!). I am super excited that we get to spend some time with her –she has a powerful message to share, so let’s get to it. Ailana J.: Hi Wendi! Thanks so...

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