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Spectra S1 Breast Pump: a Real Mama's Honest Review

Recently, I’ve gotten a TON of questions about which breast pump I used and what made me “love” it so much. I say “love” because, while I did not LOVE pumping, I did love my pump for making something I did not love to do a little more enjoyable! (P.S. I don't know who needs to hear this, but pumping IS breastfeeding and it was HARDER than nursing for me!) First of all, let me recommend to utilize your insurance to get your breast pump. The Affordable Care Act requires most health insurance plans to cover breastfeeding support and supplies, which includes pumps! There are so many websites that will do the legwork for you to check with your insurance...

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5 Tips for Curating Your Baby Registry

To say there is a lot of baby gear on the market is an understatement. It’s an absurd amount. Walking through Buy Buy Baby actually gave me anxiety when I went in to work on my registry. As a first time mom, trying to figure out what you really need can feel like such a daunting task and cause unnecessary stress. Where do you even start?! And, before you know it, friends and family are asking where you’re registered because they’re just SO excited to shower your little nugget with lots of love. I learned the hard way – I would just add stuff to my list so I wouldn’t forget (pregnancy brain was real!) with intentions of going back...

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