TWO MORE SLEEPS TIL CHRISTMAS...and I'm so not prepared.

I felt so ahead of the game this holiday season! But I was wrong. All of a sudden, there are only 2 sleeps left before Christmas, and I am feeling grossly under-prepared, on the verge of scrambling. I started my Christmas shopping before Thanksgiving –we have a big family and I just felt like I really needed to give myself a good head start this year. Well, after I checked off my son, and all my nieces and nephews, it’s almost like my brain said, “Okay, Jeannine! That’s it! You’re all done!” And I started cruising…now, it’s 2 days before Christmas and I’m NOT DONE. OH. EM. GEE.

Any other mamas out there feeling a little last minute panic?!

Don’t panic. Just breathe, mamas. We got this.

The good news is: WE STILL HAVE 2 MORE SLEEPS TIL CHRISTMAS! That means we have 2 whole days to get it together.


Mamas, we just cannot do all the things. Make a list. If you’ve been reading my blog, you know I love lists – I swear they work. Just try it. What are the things that are most important for you to get done and are REALISTIC in the time we have left? Do those first. If you have extra time and get to ALL the things, then YAY! If not, NO. BIG. DEAL. 

Step 2: EXECUTE.

What do you need to make your list HAPPEN? Do you need someone to take the baby and dog on a walk so you can wrap presents? Do you need to maximize baby’s naptime to get some Christmas stuff done? Do you need to order things online from stores that offer curbside pick-up, like Target or Nordstrom? How about virtual gifts? You may not be able to ship gifts to loved ones that live far away in time for Christmas, but there are SO many gift cards you can buy online and have them sent directly to their inbox. AND that takes you only a few minutes to accomplish! (Pssst…an Ailana J. Gift Card would be a perfect gift for a new mama in your life!) Get creative on whatever you need to do to accomplish your last minute to-do list!

Step 3. ENJOY.

Mamas take on a lot of the joy-making responsibility during the holiday season. But don’t forget to enjoy it too! Give yourself grace for not being able to necessarily do ALL the things and make sure you give yourself time to FEEL the joy. Christmas isn’t about doing all the things. It’s about the memories.

Merry Christmas, mamas! I wish you all the love and joy this holiday.

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