One Hack to Make You FEEL GOOD Postpartum

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They don’t call the newborn/postpartum period the 4th trimester for nothin’. It is not easy. One thing (other than the massive sleep deprivation) that was particularly hard for me was all the bodily changes I experienced. The biggest thing that caught me off guard was postpartum BO! It is something super normal that SO many mamas experience, but NO ONE talks about. Feeling stinky, frumpy, and just an overall hot mess was NOT my jam. And that feeling took a toll. As someone who loves to dress well, I couldn’t get over the fact that all I could wear that made breastfeeding easy and that I felt comfortable in was either jammies or active wear.


Like…literally I wanted to spend zero dollars on myself during this season of life. I was CONVINCED that it would be a waste of money because I would be back to my “old” self and size in no time.


While breastfeeding, healthy eating, and moderate exercise helped me shed a LOT of the baby weight, I didn’t get back to my pre-baby weight until my son was about 18 months old.

That is a LONG time to feel like sh*t.

Now, while I am in complete belief that our bodies are absolutely magical and deserve all the gratitude in the world for birthing and breastfeeding babies, I also know that we don’t always love our new mom bods and it can be challenging to feel confident in our new skin. So I am going to share ONE SUPER SIMPLE HACK to make you feel really good in your postpartum season of life:


Mamas, I am totally with you that spending money on a whole new wardrobe is a tough pill to swallow. But I promise you, the sooner you do it, the better you’ll feel and the more use you’ll get out of the pieces you buy. And, if you follow this hack, one week’s worth of clothing can actually get you MULTIPLE weeks’ worth of outfits.

Let me show you how. Here are the 7 things that you need to include in your new mama wardrobe: 

  1. The proper undergarments: comfortable + functional nursing/pumping bras and comfortable underwear. Be sure you get fit for your bra no sooner than 3 weeks prior to your due date to ensure the best fit. I promise you that the FIT can make ALL the difference and be totally life-changing.
  2. Knit nursing tank tops and/or t-shirts: tops that makes boob access easy, but still makes you feel put together will help make you feel good. I suggest neutral colors and prints in order to get the most versatility out of these pieces. You want to be able to mix and match with different bottoms and jackets to create different looks and maximize your cost per wear. The Ailana J. Josephina Tank is perfect for this.
  3. Woven nursing tanks: this fabrication allows you to feel more elevated when needed, but can easily be dressed down as well, depending on what you pair with it. This will be particularly important for those mamas who will be returning to work or will be attending any social engagements. The Ailana J. Mason Tank is a good choice for this category.
  4. High-waisted jeans: at least one new pair of jeans is a must-have. Be sure it’s a versatile wash – if you are only buying one, I recommend a dark wash for the most versatility. High rise or high-waisted options will lengthen your legs, smooth out your torso, and help minimize any unwanted muffin top. Good American makes great denim options for ALL sizes with stretch for comfort, while still retaining shape.
  5. Two good pairs of leggings: we all know we’re going to wear them – we might as well invest in a high-quality pair! You want to look for a thicker, but breathable fabrication and a high waist for the same reasons as above. I suggest also looking for a pair that can be dressed up and help you transition back to work or could be a great option for date night…or just because you feel like it! I like the Spanx Faux Leather Legging for a dressier option – plus they come in maternity too!
  6. A medium wash denim jacket: this is probably my most-worn jacket that I own. I recommend a boyfriend style that is longer in length, and just SLIGHTLY oversized. This can be paired with EVERYTHING already listed above! I love Madewell denim jackets.
  7. A leather jacket: a leather jacket is my GO-TO when I want to feel more elevated, but still exude a cool girl vibe! This is also something that can be paired with everything already listed here and can also possibly transition to back-to-work depending on your field. All Saints is my go-to for genuine leather jackets and BlankNYC is my go-to for faux leather!

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