Nursing + Pumping On the Go

breastfeeding mom pumping mom on the go with uppababy vista stroller

Who feels like they perpetually have a baby on their boob or are constantly attached to a pump? It can TOTALLY feel like that right?! Like…do I do ANYTHING else than feed my baby?

But you have a life to live! Especially now that our world is starting to resemble some form of normal again, you DESERVE to be living your best life. So how in the world can we make nursing or pumping on the go EASIER? 

When a mama-to-be is creating her baby registry, it is SO common for ALL the items to be all about baby. I know mine was. I was so excited to pick out all these things for my little guy that I didn’t think much about myself. And mama actually needs some things too! And there are actually a lot of things that can help make nursing + pumping on the go SO MUCH EASIER, so you don’t have to miss out on all the fun just because you’re a breastfeeding mama! Here are some of my breastfeeding gear must-haves for nursing + pumping on the go!

Kiinde Twist Gift Set
This is the MOST convenient system for pumping moms! The Kiinde system allows you to pump directly into a pouch, and feed baby directly from that pouch – no milk transfers, milk loss, or exposure to germs! I already hate transferring milk when at home, but on the go is even worse! PLUS, you have less dishes to wash/sterilize, which is a MAJOR win, ESPECIALLY when you’re on the go. The adapters, nipples, nipple cases, and nipple brushes are top-rack dishwasher safe and steam-sterilizer safe. This set comes with ALL the things: direct pump recyclable pouches, pump adapters that fit all major pump brands and models, bottles and nipples for pouches (the pouch pops right into the bottle and the nipple pops right on top! All different flow nipples are included in this set too!), bottle/pouch warmer, storage holder to keep your milk organized in the fridge or freezer, and cleaning brushes! I mean, this is a SERIOUS gift set. The nipples also come with a traveling case, which is SO awesome for feeding on the go so you don’t have to worry about germs!
Shop the Kiinde Gift Set on Amazon

Bamboobies Washable Nursing Pads
You. Will. Leak. End of story. And leaking when out and about can put a major damper on things. Invest in a healthy supply of both regular and overnight Bamboobies nursing pads because you WILL wear them daily. These are much more absorbent than disposables and don’t show through your bra. I had some MAJOR leakage and I never leaked through any of these nursing pads. The Bamboobies are made of super soft rayon velour from renewable bamboo, which is a particularly nice feature for those days of super sore nipples. These are also quite a little money saver since they are washable and reusable! I can’t even imagine how many disposable nursing pads I would’ve gone through if I had not been gifted these by a mama friend who had a baby before me!
Shop Bamboobies Nursing Pads on Amazon

Spectra S1 Breast Pump
Read all about why I LOVE this pump here! But the #1 reason you need this pump when you’re on the go is the rechargeable battery! Being tethered to a wall outlet is a major bummer. Have the freedom to pump whenever and wherever you need to with this heavy duty, yet super quiet pump. It has a 3 hour battery life, which is more than sufficient for a full day’s worth of pumping (on average)!  
Shop Spectra S1 Breast Pump

Nursing Tanks by Ailana J.
If you’re going somewhere, whether for work or play, you want to look good, right?! Make your life easier with quick access nursing tanks that will not only make you look AMAZING, but also be super comfortable. The Josephina Tank allows for nursing access in 1.5 SECONDS –that’s speedy AF, which you will definitely want to be when you’re out living your best life, right?! Every Ailana J. tank is so discreet – no one will ever know you’re wearing an outfit made specifically for nursing. Ailana J. will have you looking CUTE + CHIC, while making nursing or pumping on the go a BREEZE.

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