My Exact Disneyland Vacation Checklist

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You guys…I LOVE Disneyland. And I’m pretty much just BESIDE myself with excitement that we get to take Mason for the first time RIGHT NOW! I had been dreaming of taking Mason last year after he turned one, but obviously those dreams were put on pause by the pandemic. But now, I’m actually super stoked about the limited capacity and restriction in admission to California residents only for now – even pre-Covid, I was never a big fan of crowds!

Although I’ve been bursting with excitement since I bought our tickets and made our park reservations almost a month ago, I also have been a LITTLE anxious about taking a tot under 2. This is our first rodeo taking Mason on such a big adventure, and, while I may deem myself a Disneyland pro, I still was feeling nervous about the whole thing. And what do I do when I’m feeling that way? I get prepared…with a checklist, of course!

I’ve been curating this Disneyland vacation checklist for WEEKS – a culmination of all the ideas from my past Disneyland trips, past trips we’ve taken with Mason, and advice from other mamas (especially breastfeeding mamas!) who have taken their own littles in the past. If you’re planning a trip to Disneyland and wondering how you’re going to survive, this checklist is IT. Here you go:
  • Travel crib with extra sheet– You never know what kind of mess you might need to tend to when you have littles. Mason has a tendency to pee through his nighttime diapers, no matter WHAT brand we try, so bring the extra sheet.

  • SlumberPod – When you’re sharing a hotel room (or any room!) with your littles, the sleeping situation isn’t always the best, right?! The SlumberPod is like a little tent to go over the travel crib to black out the light and help your baby have a good night’s sleep (or nap!). It is totally breathable and there is a spot for the baby monitor and a fan! The perfect little hack for room sharing! After long Disneyland days, everyone is going to need a good night’s sleep or a power nap during the day!

  • Portable sound machine– We use a portable sound machine in Mason’s car seat, stroller, and travel crib! It’s such a great tool to help soothe baby and get them to sleep in an unfamiliar environment. We try to get as close to his home sleeping arrangements as we can get because traveling is exhausting all on its own! We ALL need to SLEEP WELL.

  • Lovies, binkies, sleep sacks, etc.– Bring ALL the things your baby needs for a good night sleep and BRING EXTRA! If you haven’t guessed by now, sleep is the #1 thing I focus on when traveling with Mason. If he doesn’t sleep well, then we don’t sleep well and NOBODY is able to fully enjoy the hard-earned vacation we paid for.

  • Insulated soft lunch bag + ice packs– This is both for snacks for your littles and for breastmilk! If you’re pumping, you’ll want to be sure you get a really good insulated lunch bag and ice packs that will LAST in the Anaheim heat.

  • Insulated water bottles– It’s really easy to get dehydrated in the heat and you want to make sure you stay hydrated, especially if you’re breastfeeding!

  • Disposable placemats– Disneyland may be taking plenty of precautions to keep everyone safe, but I still wouldn’t feel so good if Mason ate directly off a Disneyland table. He’s not the cleanest eater and food always seems to find their way far off of his plate. These placemats are perfect to contain the mess, keep him entertained, and give mama peace of mind with all the germs.

  • Sanitizing wipes– And hand sanitizer, of course. Even with the disposable mats above, I’d probably wipe down the table with a sanitizing wipe anyway. Or any other questionable surface we’re bound to encounter at Disneyland. And some surfaces in our hotel room. Again, I’m sure Disneyland is going above and beyond to keep the park as clean as possible, but it’s a peace of mind thing.

  • Mineral sunscreen– It’s safe to say we all know that we need to wear sunscreen when out in the sun and reapply regularly. But breastfeeding mamas and their babes should be extra cautious about what TYPE of sunscreen they’re using. Many sunscreens contain harmful chemicals that I’m sure nobody wants absorbed in their body or their baby’s body. According to the FDA, 4 of the most common UV filters in chemical sunscreens absorb into your body and linger for days or weeks! Studies of one chemical in particular, oxybenzone, has shown affects in breast development, infant birth weight, and sperm function. Use mineral sunscreen as a safer alternative!

  • Stroller, diaper bag, stoller snack tray, etc.– All the usual gear you’d need for an elongated outing with the baby. Even mobile tots like Mason get tired, so don’t make the mistake of not bringing a stroller! Plus, it’s a great place for a quick cat nap. AND a place to easily lug all your stuff around the park all day!

  • The Josephina Tank by Ailana J.– If you’re breastfeeding, you don’t want your magical day or days interrupted by wardrobe problems or extra heat with a cover. The Josephina Tank will make nursing or pumping SUPER quick and easy, while keeping you cool and dry all day in the Orange County sun. Plus, the access panel on the Josephina tank can double as a cover for modesty if you desire!

Now you’re locked and loaded for an easy, breezy Disneyland vacay, mama! Share this post with a friend who’s planning a Disneyland or Disney World trip!

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