How to Look Put Together in 10 Minutes or Less: Hair + Makeup Edition

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Today kicks off the FIRST day of March Mama Month - a month-long collaboration with Rachel DuPree, clean beauty guru, lifestyle blogger, and mama of 2! You're going to get our BEST beauty and style secrets for moms all month long as we swap posts on each other's blogs. There's also going to be some AMAZING opportunities to hang out with us LIVE and get FREE STUFF! Without further ado, Rachel is going to tell you all about how to do your hair + makeup in 10 minutes or less because busy mamas need to look cute QUICK. Head over to for my post, sharing styling tips to get dressed in 10 minutes or less!


Whether you’re a mama or not, I’ve learned over the years that I needed a simplified beauty routine because somehow I’d end-up running late trying to figure out which makeup to use or what hairstyle to wear for the day. I quickly realized that having a go to hair routine helped in the morning to manage my mane. And even more so the need for a handful of cosmetics to get the job done, but done well!

I’m sharing the 7 products you need in order to perfect your quick makeup look. Remember, you don’t have to spend a fortune or do 20 steps to get the “look”. Also, feel free to skip any of these if you don’t like to use them. I mention all 7 products because it will give you a finished professional look. I’ve linked the exact products I use -don’t worry if you don’t have these, this will give you an idea on what to look for in your collection or the next time you shop.


I personally prefer to use clean beauty products as possible. I love Tarte Cosmetics for almost everything they sell so I will be sharing those specifically but please use what you have and you can transition to clean beauty once their out. I do have the links here for your ease though!

Foundation or CC Cream (otherwise known as Tinted Moisturizer) | I love the Tarte Cosmetics Rainforest of the Sea foundation because it is clean, has SPF and is very forgiving on the skin. Grab the one’s I love & use here!

Concealer | I love the Tarte Hydrocealer™ Concealer because it provides great coverage and hydration. Grab the Hydrocealer™ concealer here! Many people prefer the Famous Tarte Shape Tape but this is sadly not my go to. I mention it because it is so widely loved and does actually provide amazing coverage. Grab the Shape Tape concealer here!

Bronzer | Blush | Highlighter | I have these three grouped because I found sets that are in one palette for ease of use & convenience. These truly are the three things that pull a whole look together. My favorite is adding bronzer! It instantly brings warmth to the face! Blush adds life to the skin and highlighter adds the light! Grab these adorable palettes Hampton’s Weekender palette here, the 9 ways to shine cheek wardrobe here or the blush authority™ Amazonian clay cheek wardrobe here.

Mascara | I love to add mascara for a long and thick lash! Here is one of my favs but Tarte offers over 40 mascara sets or singles right now! Here is a great trio of full size mascaras.

Lippie | I honestly carry lippies with me so I can apply them on the go instead of at home. I regularly switch them out for different colors or finishes. Here is a great lip oil trio that is ultra-hydrating and adds a little tint, fit for anyone!


Whether you love to style your hair with curls, in a bun or ponytail or curl it, there is one hair product that you’ll want to have on hand at all times! Any guesses?

You guessed it! DRY SHAMPOO!!!

Dry Shampoo | The best invention! Just spray a little around your hairline, crown and then in between layers. You’ll want to use just a little and let it sit for a minute. Then brush it through and see if you need more. If so, add a little more where you need it and use your fingers to rub it in and plump roots. This will absorb any grease, give your hair grit and volume. Grab the product I use here!

I’ve linked the exact products I use because they have been a game changer for my hair health and manageability! That means I don’t have to wash my hair as often because it doesn’t get greasy in one day anymore, instead I wash after 3-4 days. I know that sounds a little gross at first but once you get your scalped balanced, you just won’t need to wash everyday! It’s great especially for us busy mamas! It also helped to keep my hair manageable in the morning. You’ll soon only have to brush your hair and go because it will hold the style and won’t be greasy!

Leave-in-Conditioner | If you have damaged ends, fly aways or trouble growing your hair, a leave-in-conditioner will change it all! These come in various textures but the product I use in a cream that you pump into your hand to apply. I use a little and lightly press the product into the ends of my hair and wipe my hand in a downward motion for flyaways. This not only finishes the look of your hair but truly heals your hair so it will become more manageable. Who doesn’t enjoy soft silky hair? Grab the product I use here!

I prefer to use clean beauty brands, however I know that isn’t always accessible to all of us. If you do have the time and funds to invest in healthy haircare and skincare I would highly recommend Monat Global. I have used and loved their products for over two years now. They rescued my hair from dramatic damage and postpartum hair loss. So I of course have to share them with you too! If you are at all interested in the products I used or want to learn more about how important clean haircare is, check out the Monat Global website here!

DISCLAIMER: Some of the links in this post are affiliate links where I can earn a small percentage of any sales made through them. There is no additional cost to you. Thank for your support!

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