5 Things You Need to Know About Ailana J.

ICYMI: Ailana J. is almost available for PRE-ORDER!!

The NUMBER ONE question in my DMs has been, “When does Ailana J. launch!?” I just LOVE how excited y’all have been, so I decided to make the collection available EARLY! If you’ve been one of the many mamas anxiously waiting for a launch date or if you’ve been following my journey on Instagram, then I know you’re ready to get this collection in your closets ASAP! If you’re new here, these are the 5 things you need to know about Ailana J. –see what makes this brand so special and why you do NOT want to MISS OUT on this PRE-ORDER!

  1. The debut 4-Piece collection is designed by a mama (me), who could NOT find functional, on-trend nursing clothing. And I definitely couldn’t find anything that had functionality specifically for pumping (cute or not cute…I was getting desperate and probably would have compromised on that factor!). This collection is modern, trendy, and, most importantly, 100% functional for the nursing + pumping mama.

  2. Every piece is a California girl, born + raised (just like me!). I designed each piece in San Diego, and they are all made in Los Angeles. Even the fabric for the Olive Dress and the Josephina Tank was knitted and custom dyed in LA! All clothing labels were woven in LA, too. Plus, everything from fabric to hardware to trim was sourced locally. I love supporting local and small businesses whenever possible in my personal life, and I extended that philosophy to my business. 
  1. Busy mamas do not have TIME for wardrobe changes –Ailana J. saves you time! My biggest grievance when I was breastfeeding was trying to find clothes that made it easy to nurse quickly, but transition easily to pumping when I was away from baby, like when I went back to work or had a date night with my husband. I was tired of taking my clothes off, putting on a different pumping bra, and always feeling like the pumping process was so much WORK. I couldn’t find anything that fit my style and was functional in that way. But now it’s here in Ailana J.!
  1. The Perfect Bra is going to be your new best friend. Breastfeeding is an extreme sport, but it doesn’t mean you want to actually wear a sports bra every day (well…we all wish we COULD, but it doesn’t exactly work under most “real” clothes). But the perfect bra is the best of both worlds. It is a nursing + hands-free pumping REAL bra with great support and feminine detailing, but made of technical performance fabric, called chitosante! This is an AMAZING eco-friendly fabric made of recycled water bottles and biomass from crustaceans. It offers 4-way stretch to accommodate the fluctuations in chest size, is moisture-wicking/quick-dry for milk leaks, and has odor-resistant and anti-bacterial properties! If this bra isn’t perfect for a breastfeeding mama, then I don’t know what is! (P.S. I also snuck a bit of this fabric into the Mason Tank design!) 

  2. The Mason Tank will be made out of “deadstock” fabrics –old, leftover, and over-ordered fabrics from other designers and fabric warehouses. The Mason Tank will give these fabrics new purpose, rather than ending up in a landfill or causing additional pollution in order to create new textiles. Textiles make up almost 6% of the trash entering U.S. landfills every year and textile production heavily contributes to water pollution. By using fabrics that have already been made, we lessen our contribution in those areas! I call that a win. 

Okay, so if all those fun facts didn’t entice you enough, I know everyone loves a DEAL, right?! E-mail subscribers will receive an EXCLUSIVE pre-order promo! If we're e-mail friends, then you're going to get 10% OFF your first pre-order! So why wait for the official launch and pay full price? Sign up for e-mail, get your order in early, and SAVE! PLUS, you want to get in early so you don’t MISS OUT! This debut collection will be LIMITED, so don’t wait! Now that you’re done reading, GO SIGN UP FOR E-MAIL so you can get in on this PROMO. Stay tuned on e-mail and Instagram for more details about the PRE-ORDER LAUNCH!

(Disclaimer: This Pre-Order event will only include select styles and colors.)

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