3 Tips for Less Stress in Getting Dressed

I graduated from college...awhile ago (ha..trying not to date myself here!) and simultaneously had no idea and lots of ideas of what I wanted to do with my life. While I was figuring it out, I somehow ended up as a personal stylist. This didn’t have anything to do with what I THOUGHT I wanted to do or what I earned my degree in, but I loved it and I’m so happy for that experience because it led me here! So, mamas, who has a hard time finding clothes that fit your new mom bod? And make it easy to nurse and pump? And are actually cute and made you feel good? Tall order, right? Well, once Ailana J. officially launches, we’ll have you covered! But, until then, here are 3 tips to hold you over!

  1. Cotton/stretch knits– they’ll be more forgiving in the chest and easier to launder when you inevitably leak or spill milk on yourself. You can make this work appropriate, depending on your industry, by dressing it up with a menswear-inspired blazer, pump, and statement necklace. My personal fave is The Muscle Tank by Current/Elliott. I own it in an embarrassingly high number of colors and prints, but black is definitely the most versatile and easiest to transition into the workplace.
  2. Poplin shirts– even before breastfeeding, I just loved me a good white poplin shirt. Poplin shirts are easy, chic, and elevated. Pair with a good compression legging, such as the Spanx Faux Leather Legging (which comes in maternity, by the way!) and you’ll feel equipped to handle anything! A button down shirt makes boob access for nursing or pumping relatively easy. Unbuttoning individual buttons can seem tedious when you have a crying, hungry baby in your arms, but it is still a great option for the working mama! Here is one of my personal faves (although I own quite a few!): Topshop Oversized Poplin Shirt
  3. Embrace the new you– invest in a couple key pieces that fit your new body and will make nursing easier. A good pair of black pants, a bra that fits well (when was the last time you were measured?). You just did an amazing thing – you gave life to a tiny human! You should feel amazing too! If your old clothes are making you feel less than amazing, get yourself a few things to help you feel your best.

I know finding clothes that fit well and make you feel good while you're breastfeeding is tough. If you need help with executing these tips, comment below or DM me on Instagram!

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